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6 Tips To Look Your Best In Your Wedding Video!

Many couples have no idea what to expect when it comes to being on film. We have heard many questions from brides and grooms such as "should I look at the camera?", "are you recording sound?" etc. As a result of this, we created a list of 6 tips for couples to ensure you both look stunning in your wedding video!

1. Let Your Love Shine!

We understand It can be hard to show affection for your partner when you have as many as 4 cameras on you at one time held by people you may not know overly well. However, it is important to keep in mind that we are professionals who love to be in the presence of love and we always strive to capture the most authentic moments we possibly can. So when your wedding day comes don't be afraid to forget about the world and nuzzle into your partner like you are the only two people in the world. Trust us, the footage will blow you away!

2. Movement Adds Interest

The difference between standing next to your partner vs. running and jumping into their arms will make for a much more engaging and visually pleasing wedding video. And if you want to get up and have a dance party at any given moment during your wedding day, go for it!

3. Yes, Most Of Us Do Record Sound

Most videographers are recording sound throughout the day however, we primarily use this for speeches, ceremony and background sound fx. Some of us may splice in some audio of a special or funny moment but its important to know that you don't have to sensor what you say in front of us in fear it may end up in your wedding video. We usually have a pretty good sense of what you may want or not want in your video.

4. Looking At The Camera

"Should I look at the camera?" is a question we get almost every time. Do not feel obligated to look at the camera or not look at the camera. Sure we are with you the whole day and naturally you will look at the camera often enough. When you did, smile big! Remember why we are there (to capture the best day of your life!). Having said that, capturing candid moments is great as well. Do not feel inclined to look over and smile at the camera every 2 minutes. In a nut-shell, just be natural.

5. Come Up With Your Own Ideas! (But Only If You Want To)

Every videographer has their own style and you have probably already hired someone who's style aligns with your tastes however, don't feel like you need to rely on your videographer (or photographer) to line up a neat idea for a shot. Your wedding video is a reflection of your personality so let your freak flag fly! If you want to have a pillow fight with your bridesmaids while jumping on the bed then go for it. You can always come up with ideas beforehand or just spur of the moment. Its your wedding video and it can be whatever your want it to be.


More important than anything on this list is its important that you do you! Do not stress about a thing and have fun!


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